Decontamination Services

It is clear that the small water droplets (aerosols) expelled during sneezing and coughing by staff and the general public contain virus particles and are a source of infection.

Personal hygiene measures are the first step in preventing the spread of viruses. Next to that, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that may be contaminated and thereby act as transmission route. This requires a disinfectant that is able to effectively kill pathogens. Our application is a disinfectant with virucidal efficacy under clean and dirty conditions. The definition of a virucidal biocide is to reduce the amount of viruses with a log 4, this is a 10,000-fold reduction. Our product is a unique and strong broad spectrum disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver. Both components have a synergistic effect against viruses. This has been used globally and by Geopure for the disinfection of drinking systems, hard surfaces as well as in various areas such as industry, intensive livestock industry, medical facilities, ships and residential homes.

Our unique application also uses decontamination and disinfection by fogging. This is especially important because one of the transmission routes of viruses is airborne aerosols caused by coughing, it is important to disinfect the air in rooms where carriers of viruses have been present.

* Only undertake fogging of rooms with full specialist assessment and advice, fogging with disinfectant is a hazardous activity and should only be carried out by professional applicators.



Fogging or misting provides a total room disinfection.

When applied by a fog or mist our application completely covers and decontaminates walls, floors and any other surface with the benefits of reduced workload and quicker room turn-around time.



  • Process machinery
  • Packaging areas
  • Preparation and cleaning areas
  • Storage unit surfaces
  • Transportation environment


  • 99.999% proven bacterial kill rate
  • No harmful by-products and totally non-corrosive in use
  • Improved user experience especially those with asthma or sensitive skin
  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • Cost effective and simple to dose
  • Multi-application. One product with multiple uses
  • Degrades into water and oxygen post disinfection

The disinfectant we use has been approved by DEFR

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