compliance training


GeoPure offer on site compliance training for all staff involved in the operation of building water systems and those who have a role in the control procedures. This basic Legionella course has been developed to address the issues that surround Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease, and is designed to give delegates a clear understanding of their responsibilities under the ACoP (L8) which helps to maintain a safe working environment for their employees.

The training covers:

  • Introduction to Legionella.
  • Susceptibility of staff to Legionella.
  • Legionella Bacteria and Legionellosis, illnesses caused and how they are contracted.
  • Sources within the system which allow the Legionella bacteria to exist, thrive and multiply.
  • Health and safety at work act, Control of Substances, Management of health and safety at work and the Notification of cooling towers and Evaporative condensers.
  • Your legal duty.
  • The importance of recording and documenting all control measures.

If GeoPure carry out your Risk Assessment we will tailor the course to your sites specific requirements, by doing this we can help staff understand their risks on site by highlighting key areas that would have been addressed in the Risk Assessment.

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