Legionella Risk Assessments

We see more and more risk assessments that are not user friendly, we tailor our risk assessments into an easy to follow guide, our customers love the clear lay out and detailed points that leave no guess work on what needs to be done in order to stay compliant.

Our Legionella risk assessments are provided by experienced and well trained Legionella Risk Assessors. We provide legionella risk assessments and reviews to cover any building or work place environment.

Whether you need to conduct a programme of legionella risk assessments across a portfolio of properties in the UK or have a single site GeoPure are here to help.

Can we do the risk assessments ourselves?

The HSE’s ACOP states that an assessor conducting legionella risk assessments should have the ability, experience, instruction, information, training, and resources to enable them to carry out legionella risk assessments both competently and safely. In particular those conducting Legionella risk assessments should understand the potential sources of infection and the risks they present, they should understand measures to be adopted, including precautions to be taken for protection and their significance as well as have a full understanding of the measures required to ensure any controls put in place remain effective. If you do not have a member of staff qualified to do the Risk Assessment then GeoPure is here to take care of your business and allow you the time to continue with the day to day operation of your business.

Legionella Risk Assessments from the best - What can we do for you?

Once our proposal is agreed we will arrange an appointment convenient to you, one of our Consultants will attend your site(s) to conduct the Legionella risk assessment(s) or risk assessment review.

To conduct a full legionella risk assessment we will require access to all water outlets and equipment in your premises including: water heaters, boilers, hot and cold water distribution pipe work, tap outlets, showers and any other water equipment. Each asset will be surveyed and assessed for Legionella risk.