Chemical supplies


GeoPure supply a broad range of chemicals and dosing equipment to meet our customers specific needs, below is a brief list of the types of products and systems we can provide.


Corrosion Inhibitors
Scale Dispersants
Oxidising Biocides – Bromination Chemicals
Non Oxidising Biocides
Bio Dispersants
Oil Dispersants
Anti Foams
Speciality Chemicals
Oxygen Scavengers
Alkalinity Builders


Water Softeners
Bromination Equipment
Conductivity / T.D.S. Bleed Control Equipment
Reverse Osmosis
Bespoke Equipment
Chemical Dosing Systems (available with dosing management system, see below!)

The advantages of using our Dosing Water Management System:

  • Staff will manage all chemical additions for client’s boiler water & cooling water treatment programmes.
  • No chemical handling is required by client’s staff.
  • Chemicals are contained in bonded chemical dosage tanks – environmentally acceptable containment of corrosive chemicals.
  • No bulk storage or hazardous chemical containers are left on site.
  • No empty chemical containers are left on site, eliminating the need for hazardous waste disposal.
  • System has been developed to minimise effects on the environment as well as the health and safety risks for our clients and their staff.