Tank Lids


The need for proper fitting Cold water storage tank lids, HSG274 & BS8558.

According to the British Standard’s BS8558 and Hsg 274 guidance on cold water storage tanks, all drinking water storage tanks must have a rigid, close fitting and securely fixed cover which is not airtight but excludes light and insects from the cistern, fits closely around any vent pipe, must be made of a material which will not shatter or fragment when broken and shall not contaminate any water which condenses on its underside. The cover shall not in any way impact on the taste, colour, odour or toxicity to the water, nor promote or foster microbial growth.

GeoPure have the expertise to manufacture lids to comply with all current legislation to ensure your water is preserved and is kept free from contaminants.

Some of the common types of tanks we have manufactured lids for include, Galvanised steel water tanks, Sectional water tanks, GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic and Concrete tanks including Rain water harvesting tanks.