Leak Detection and Usage Monitoring Services

Water Management

Proper monitoring and management of your water can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your bills and improve your water supply. It’s a comprehensive service that includes leak detection, usage monitoring, water bill analysis and forward planning. Let us reduce your water bills and improve the quality of your supply.
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Why Choose Us?

  • We will reduce your water bills – GUARANTEED.
  • We are experts in leak detection, water management, conservation and cost reduction.
  • Proven track record in locating leaks with over 20 years combined experience
  • We work around your busy schedules.
  • First Class Service with Excellent customer service.
  • We have the technical expertise.
  • We pride ourselves on providing non destructive solutions.
  • We do leak repairs from excavation to reinstatement.
  • Equipped with Latest Technology in Leak Detection.
  • Fast Response times nationwide.

Water Leak Indicators                                                                                                              

  • High water bills, when no changes have been made to normal usage
  • Your water meter dials are moving when no water is being used.
  • Hearing the sound of running water when no water or services are in use.
  • A hot spot on the floor could indicate a hot water pipe leak under your floor
  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Mould or moisture under carpets, peeling paintwork near wet areas

Water Leak Detection Survey

We have seen water leaks cost businesses between £1,000 and £75,000 in increased charges PER ANNUM

90 % of all water leaks remain underground and are never seen. FACT!!!!

  • We identify, locate and pinpoint water leaks on site.
  • We have in-house leak repair crews.
  • Payback on Leak Detection and Repair works is generally 3 months.
  • We use graphs to show the difference in usage after the problem has been rectified.
  • We will enter negotiations with your water supplier to establish if you are entitled to any REFUND or REBATE.

Want to Purchase Your Own Equipment? All leading brands stocked.

A Typical Leak Detection Kit Contains:


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